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Ask Me Anything

A resource for a coach to ask Tanya anything on topics such as leadership, business, wealth, health, self and more.

The Transformational Experience

Watch a hot seat demonstration of the Demartini Method with Tanya every two months

Mini Masterclass Modules

Mini Masterclass Modules on health, wealth, self, business, family and much more

Mindset Class: The Demartini Method

Application for mastery of the Demartini Method

Business Class: Share Your Service

Business members get access to your classes and courses to get your service to the world

Coaches Class

Master the art of coaching with a master

New Years Transformation

Creating your personal and professional metamorphosis as a coach by clearing and setting your year

Transformation Day Pre Course

A pre course to help you to get prepared to discover the meaning and the mystical during the Transformation Day

Free Resources

Resources for your hot little hands to transform your life